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Best Photography Services

"Jasmine was fantastic to work with. I am usually very awkward in front of the camera, but Jasmine filled me with confidence with her kind words and enthusiasm and I had a spring in my step for the rest of the week. She was also extremely thorough and meticulous about getting the perfect shot, and I look forward to working with her again. I highly recommend!"

- Rebecca Lazarou of 

Laz The Plant Scientist 


Jasmine is very professional and personable and will make you feel at ease even if you hate being in front of the camera like I do. She gave great tips on how to pose and has a great way to make you laugh so that your smile looks natural. She’s a very skilled photographer and effortlessly took so many great pictures. I absolutely recommend her if you want some photos that look like your best self, living your best life!

- Jasmin Ludolf

Jasmin Ludolf
Hayley Jenkins

"Jasmine made me feel so at ease! Taking photos can be quite nerve wracking and scary, especially if you don’t have the right person behind the camera. I loved that Jasmine helped me think of poses and absolutely was my biggest cheerleader, giving me all the confidence. I can’t wait to shoot with her again!"

- Hayley Jenkins of

Workout With Hayley 

Hayley Jenkins
Lucy Sambrook

Jasmine was a joy to work with and a breath of fresh air on our shoot. She told me exactly what to do so I didn't feel awkward and even made the experience fun - she's got that great talent for making you feel like an old friend after 5 just minutes of meeting her. 100% recommend. 

- Lucy Sambrook of 

PR For The People

Jasmine Leann is THE BEST photographer to work with; sets you at ease, makes you laugh, teases out your personality and gets incredible results (even if you feel silly or like you look awful!) really fun and a brilliant turnaround if you give enough notice. Super accommodating, the only problem is being unable to choose just a couple of photos- I always want them all!!

- Victoria Jenkins of 

Unhidden Clothing

Victoria Jenkins